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  • Tongxing Intl Trading
  • Tongshun Intl Logistics
  • Yunnan Yunnei Tongxing International Trading Co., Ltd is a large-scale international trade and logistics company established by Yunnei Power and Thailand Y.Y.S Enterprise Group. It is an important international trade and international logistics operation platform of Kunming Free Trade Zone. It is an important core force of the Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone dedicated to the international regional economic platform.

  • Yunnei Tongshun International Logistics Company relies on Kunming Tax Free Zone and International Airport, and is based on Y.Y.S, another international cold chain logistics system in Thailand. We have a complete sales system and the quality of fresh vegetables and fruits in Thailand and Yunnan has been guaranteed that all products are always in a low temperature environment in the production, storage, transportation and sales links.

  • Level 6, Tax Free Zone service center building, 5088, new 320 National Road, Kunming, Yunnan
  • +86 871 65720077
  • qq
  • 464384841
Service Items
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Name Production Place Price(cny/kg) Specification Date
Durian Thailand 27.65 box 2020-05-27
Mangosteen Thailand 34.50 box 2020-05-27
Coconut Vietnam 13.00 box 2020-05-27
Jackfruit Malaysia 4.75 box 2020-05-27
Longan Indonesia 14.17 box 2020-05-27
Tomato Yuxi/China 6.30 box 2020-05-27
Chinese Cabbage Zhaotong/China 7.00 bag 2020-05-27
Yunnan cucumber Dali/China 9.90 box 2020-05-27
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